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CurriculumOur curriculum follows Aus Vels (The Australian Curriculum in Victoria), with an emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy.

  • 2 Hour Literacy sessions every morning in every classroom.
  • The highly successful Soundwaves program across the whole school.
  • VCOP – Big Write All students from Grade 2 through to Grade 6 are actively involved in VCOP Big Write which is a program used for raising the standards in writing. Based on the premise that ‘if students can’t say it, they can’t write it’. Teachers scaffold the learning to allow children to become articulate thinkers and speakers, who will then become articulate writers.
  • Daily 5 CAFÉ approach - Students work independently on reading and writing activities and have the opportunity to work in whole class or small group conferencing with their teacher.
  • Daily 1 hour Mathematics sessions with a key focus on essential number concepts.
  • The school has an investigative approach to learning based on Kath Walker's developmental curriculum. Commencing in prep and ensuring a smooth transition from kindergarten to school. Inquiry based units of study cover key areas such as science, history, geography and technology.
  • Key environmental focus that links in with our beautiful surrounds and close proximity to the Alpine National Park.
  • Computer / Student ratios of 1:3 with all computers accessing high speed internet access, e-mail and numerous software programs to enhance students ICT skills.
  • Ongoing student assessment and computerised tracking that provides instant and accurate monitoring of student progression.
  • Specialist teachers cover The Arts, Music, Physical Education, Mandarin, Cooking and Gardening program which reflect the priorities and interests in our local community.
  • Year 6 students all take part in our Leadership Program which involves two camps, carrying out roles within the school and also producing the town newspaper the "Redgum Review".

Students participate in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics events. From Grade 3 students have the opportunity to compete at a district level and beyond.

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